Hamas terrorists launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, firing thousands of rockets and breaching the country’s borders. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel was at war to defend itself and gave the order for the IDF to commence “Operation Swords of Iron.”
Thousands have been killed and the brutality, cruelty, and savagery is unprecedented – the worst in Israel’s history.

Am Yisrael Chai!

How Your Gift is
Making an Impact in Israel: 

The Jewish community is faced with its greatest generational crisis. Over the past three weeks, we have seen our community stand up and take extraordinary action. Thanks to your generosity to our Israel Emergency Fund Campaign, we are already making an impact on the ground in Israel.

Trauma Support.Funding is given to trusted partners on the ground that provide therapeutic support to those hardest hit by the effects of the war: evacuees, children, families of the hostages, Holocaust survivors, first responders, and soldiers coming off the front lines.

Partners: Israel Trauma Coalition; Jewish Agency for Israel; Koby Mandell Foundation; World ORT; Eli Israel Association; Amcha; City of Ofakim

Educational Support. Providing informal education opportunities for children evacuated from the southern community of Netiv HaAsara, to offset disruptions in formal schooling because of the war. Providing after school supplemental programs to students in Nahariya to address gaps from school disruption for grades 1 and 2 (reading and writing) and for grades 11 and 12 (matriculation exam preparation).

Partners: Rashi Foundation; City of Nahariya

Financial Support.  Funding for Victims of Terror Fund, providing immediate, critical financial aid to victims and their families. Providing interest free loans to struggling businesses and individuals to bridge the economic uncertainties created by the war.

Partners: Jewish Agency for Israel; Ogen

Emergency Response Support. Funding for supplies and training for emergency response team in northern New Jersey’s sister city of Nahariya, a northern border town facing imminent threats from Hezbollah. The emergency response team is prepared to defend the town 24/7 in the face of an attack until the IDF is able to respond.

Partner: City of Nahariya

Medical Support. Purchasing supplies and equipment for first responders and hospitals close to the front lines.

Partners: Galilee Medical Center; Sheba Medical Center; Soroka Medical Center; United Hatzalah; Magen David Adom; ZAKA Search and Rescue



OCTOBER 10, 2023

We’re hopeful.

On Tuesday October, 10th, we showed our solidarity with Israel as a community when 5,000 people came together along with 1400 people on zoom from 6 countries and 25 states. We’re indebted to our many elected officials who continue to advocate on behalf of Israel. We are grateful to our partners in the broader community who share our values and commitment to humanity. We are blessed to have wonderful clergy to lead us spiritually through this devastating time.

Am Yisrael Chai!

5000 people. 1400 people on ZOOM. 6 countries. 25 states.

For more information email us at welcome@jfnnj.org