Center for Israel Engagement

As Jews, the historical connection to Israel is an unbreakable bond, but maintaining that connection to Israeli society, life, and culture from so far away can be challenging. That’s the role of Federation’s Center for Israel Engagement (CIE). CIE strengthens our communal and personal connections to Israel through professional delegations, student exchanges, an annual Israel Film Festival, Israel experiences for young adults, and Ulpan, a Hebrew language class.

For more information, please contact Debbie Corwin, Director, Center for Israel Engagement,, 201-820-3918

Israel Film Festival

Every year, Federation celebrates and showcases the finest of new Israeli films and documentaries that often explore and highlight the Jewish experience in Israel. The festival takes place in locations throughout northern New Jersey. In addition, there is a virtual offering of films that you can watch from the  comfort of your home. For more information, please contact Debbie Corwin, Director, Center for Israel Engagement,, 201-820-3918.


From the Western Wall to Morocco, from the Warsaw Ghetto to St. Petersburg, Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey makes your travel a transformative experience. Explore neighborhoods, eat the local fare and serve the local community – all while discovering the bonds that hold us together. For more information contact, Joyce Greenberg, Missions Coordinator, at or (201) 820-3962

Nahariya, iSRAEL

Nahariya is Jewish Federation’s sister city. Our connections to Nahariya run very deep and include supporting their social welfare programs, supporting Nahariyans during a crisis and of course nurturing the bonds formed with the people of this city on the northern coast of Israel. For more information, please contact Debbie Corwin at 201-820-3918 or


Debbie Corwin
Director, Center for Israel Engagement

Joyce Greenberg
Missions Coordinator

Ravit Steinmetz Shemla
Director, Israel office