Getting involved with Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey is a way to expand both your personal and professional networks and build an extended Jewish family. Through a myriad of events and groups, you’ll find ample opportunities to connect with like-minded peers, through cultural celebrations, educational programs, or shared interests. From art enthusiasts to social justice advocates from young families to seniors, Federation provides a diverse array of opportunities for engagement, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Stay connected with the community and Israel through Federation’s work. You can easily find upcoming events that match your interests and schedule. Whether you’re seeking mentorship, friendship, or simply a sense of belonging, immerse yourself in Jewish life in Northern New Jersey through Federation.


Warm and meaningful Jewish experiences can begin at a very early age.  At Jewish Federation, we want to light the spark of a Jewish soul from an early age and inspire young people to embrace their Jewish identity.


Jewish teens of all backgrounds, denominations, gender, sexual orientation, or those with disabilities can connect to Federation through various programs that Federation funds including BBYO, LEAP an iCAN Series, travel experiences, exchange programs, Sinai schools, and volunteering. Create a meaningful experience that will inspire a lasting connection to Jewish living. Rachel E. Delancey, Senior Planning Associate,, 201-820-3902

College & Beyond

The college campus can be a hotbed of challenges for Jewish students.  By supplementing their education with meaningful Jewish experiences including Hillel, travel opportunities, and intern programs, college becomes another important stepping-stone in building active Jewish adults. For more information, contact Rachel Shatz, Director, Hillel of NNJ, 

Jewish Day Schools

Federation supports the thriving Jewish Day School community in northern New Jersey. Families who send their children to the outstanding selection of schools can be assured their sons and daughters will receive a rigorous Jewish studies education combined with a strong secular curriculum. Federation funds innovative educational programs, provides security guidance and advocates for educational opportunities. For more information, please contact Linda Heller, Senior Jewish Outreach Associate for Planning and Allocations, or 201-820-3904


A trip to Israel can be a life-changing event- especially for Jewish young adults. Federation’s Birthright Israel offers a free ten-day trip to Israel for 18-32 year-olds. They see Israel from top to bottom, hang out with Israelis of the same age, explore new cities and hike on breathtaking trails. Experience the sights, sounds, tastes, nightlife, land and people of Israel and come back to New Jersey with 39 new friends.

Ten days not enough? Dive in with an incredible eight-week summer internship through Onward Israel in the field of your choice gaining valuable career experience and build your resume. Jewish Federation sponsors and subsidizes this low cost eight-week summer program for Jewish young adults ages 19 – 27. Not only will you “live like a local” in the center of Tel Aviv, the cosmopolitan gem of Israel, your weekdays will be spent working while weekends will be spent experiencing all Israel has to offer. For more information, please contact Debbie Corwin, Director, Center for Israel Engagement,, 201-820-3918.

Synagogue Partnership

Federation’s Synagogue Leadership Initiative is here to fortify the future of synagogues across all denominations. We offer hands-on learning laboratories for synagogue leaders, both lay and professional, to develop and share important skills on synagogue management, governance and leadership development. Jewish Federation staff is also available to consult and collaborate with congregational leaders to explore and help resolve issues and challenges specific to its membership. For more information, please contact Karen Klieger Sponder, Director, Strategic & Community Initiatives,, 201-820-3908

Kehillah Cooperative – Group Purchasing 

Jewish Federation’s Kehillah Cooperative is a group purchasing initiative that saves our local Jewish organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Kehillah leverages its substantial buying power for discounts on utilities, security, telecom, property maintenance, health insurance and so much more. All these savings go directly to an organization’s bottom line. Even better, all our suppliers are vetted for top-notch quality and service. The Kehillah Cooperative has helped save more than $5 million for its members since 2010. For more information, please contact Lori Freudenberger-Nelson, Manager, Kehillah Cooperative at or 201-820-3928


Federation is building bridges with non-Jewish organizations and leaders of faith based and ethnic groups in our area. We are committed to working in the broader community by cultivating understanding and a mutual responsibility to build a strong community. Relationships are formed based on communication, cooperation, and understanding. We work together with organizations to promote shared values and collaborate on common concerns such as security, hate and bias, and culture and identity. Contact Dalia Zahger Levy, Director of Civic and Community Engagement for more information at

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