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Explore the number of ways you can give to Jewish Federation, empowering us to improve thousands of lives in northern New Jersey, Israel, and across the globe.

Wiring Instructions

Before making your Annual Campaign gift by wire transfer, please contact Lindsey Scheidewig, Office Manager, at LindseyS@jfnnj.org or call 201-820-3965. We will need to know the date of transfer, the amount being transferred and the bank of origination.


If you have the stock certificates in your possession, you can deliver the stock certificate(s) along with a completed Stock Power and a Letter of Intent to Jewish Federation. The Letter of Intent should state your intention to make a gift of the specific shares being tendered. For example, your Letter of Intent might read: “I hereby am delivering to and making a gift of (XX) shares of XYZ Corporation to Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey as a charitable gift.”

Before making your gift of securities to Jewish Federation, please contact Lindsey Scheidewig, Office Manager, at Donate@jfnnj.org  or call 201-820-3965.


You may be looking for a way to make a big difference to help further our mission. If you are 70½ or older, an IRA charitable rollover is a way you can help continue our work and benefit this year.

Benefits of an IRA charitable rollover

  • Avoid taxes on transfers of up to $100,000 from your IRA to our organization
  • Make a gift that is not subject to the deduction limits on charitable gifts
  • Help further the work and mission of our organization

Please call Lindsey Scheidewig, Office Manager, at 201-820-3965 or email Donate@jfnnj.org to learn more.

Donor Advised Fund

Think of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) as a charitable giving checking account. Use your DAF to easily recommend grants to the charities you care about. While DAFs help organize lifetime charitable giving and may provide current income tax benefits, you can also designate Jewish Federation as the ultimate beneficiary of your DAF to perpetuate your philanthropy.

Let me help you get started

Lindsey Scheidewig
Office Manager