Food insecurity, antisemitism, racial and gender discrimination, and violence are all in today’s headlines and evident right here in northern New Jersey. At Federation, we take the actions necessary to achieve a more equitable and safe society. Together, with our partners in law enforcement, elected officials, and community leaders, we work to overcome challenges locally and globally.

Jewish Community
Relations Committee –

By definition, advocacy is speaking in support of a person or cause. Jewish Federation’s Jewish Community Relations Committee goes way beyond that. The JCRC takes action- initiating meetings and events to advocate for our Jewish community with government officials and leaders of other faith, race, ethnic and public policy interests. JCRC designs and sponsors programs that seek to prevent and address anti-Semitism and promote a greater understanding and positive view of Israel. It also advocates for government programs that benefit seniors, Holocaust survivors, and disabled adults. For more information, please contact Alana Burman, Director, Jewish Community Relations,, 201-820-3906

Jewish Community Security

Recent antisemitic incidents around the world, in the US and right here in northern New Jersey make our community’s security an imperative. Federation has leapt to the forefront of this urgent issue with a security director acting as a critical liaison to federal, state, and local law enforcement and private security professionals. Federation offers security training for our local institutions and agencies including Stop the Bleed and active shooter training. For more information, contact Tim Torell, Director, Jewish Community Security,, 201-820-3978


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