Upcoming Opportunities


We’re exploring opportunities to travel together in solidarity to Israel. We’ve heard from many of you that you are ready to show your support and love for Israel with a visit this year, and we’d like to be there with you! Federation will provide unique opportunities and access to sites and experts throughout Israel. Our missions will visit communities devastated and impacted on October 7th. While we will hear directly from those affected by October 7th, we’ll also have the chance to explore the impact on Israel’s society and learn about what might come next. You can expect to receive an in-depth understanding of the challenges global Jewry is facing and build a stronger connection between the people of Israel and our own community.

Questions? Contact Joyce Greenberg at or 201-820-3962. 

Please help us start our mission planning by selecting the date(s) that would work for you. 

We will keep you updated as the trips evolve.

For more information email