Federation is the voice of the Jewish community and sits at the table when critical issues of the day are being discussed. We build bridges of dialogue and understanding with elected officials and leaders of faith based and ethnic groups in our area. Our expertise, relationships, and network make us very effective in ensuring our community remains strong, vibrant, and secure.


Federation’s JCRC is the primary community relations organization in our community. JCRC advocates for our Jewish community, builds relationships with government and elected officials, and finds areas of common policy interest with leaders across faith, racial, and ethnic lines. JCRC sponsors programs that seek to prevent and address antisemitism, promote a positive view of Israel, and better understand government and public policy. Contact Alana Burman, Director, JCRC, for more information at


Federation’s Director of Civic and Community Engagement builds bridges with non-Jewish organizations and more in the broader community by cultivating understanding and a mutual responsibility to build a strong community. Relationships are formed based on communication, cooperation, and understanding. We work together with organizations to promote shared values and work on common concerns such as security, hate and bias, and culture and identity. Contact Dalia Zahger Levy, Director of Civic and Community Engagement for more information at

"Being active on the JCRC and its subcommittees over the years has been immensely rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to be directly involved with issues affecting the Jewish community in our region, in America, in Israel and around the world."

Meinda Maidens, Supporter

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“As a member of the executive committee of the JCRC, I have the opportunity to work closely with a diverse group of members within the northern NJ Jewish community to support Israel, combat antisemitism, and cultivate relationships with the broader community to address critical needs.”

Yehuda Kohn, Supporter

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Alana Burman
Director, Jewish Community Relations Committee

Dalia Zahger Levy
Director, Civic & Community Engagement